Amaranth Purifiant Soufreur Cleanser

Amaranth Purifiant Soufreur Cleanser

SKU: AM0002

Gently cleans and purifies the skin. A simple deep cleanser that effectively removes clogged pores, dirt, oil and make-up, and helps to improve the appearance of troubled skin.


Amaranth Purifiant Soufreur Cleanser is formulated with Natural Sulfur to reduce inflammation and clean away dead cells and sebum, Rice extract and Soybean extract to moisturise the skin and prevent premature aging, Ginkgo extract and Grape extract to clarify and brighten the skin, kill bacteria and enhance its suppleness.

  • Volume

    100 g

  • How To Use

    Squeeze sufficient amount onto your palms and rub in to lather. Massage the entire face lightly and wash off with lukewarm water.