Sorabee Balancing Sunscreen Cream  (SPF 30 PA++)

Sorabee Balancing Sunscreen Cream (SPF 30 PA++)

SKU: SB0008

Sorabee Balancing Sunblock Cream (SPF 30 PA++) protects your skin from UV and exposure to all harmful environmental elements . It is quickly absorbed by skin , leaving no sticky residue and keeping your skin refreshed with W/si System . W/si System functions to moisturise and protect skin 

  • Volume

    70 ml

  • How To Use

    Before going out or after basic skin care, gently and evenly apply sufficient amount of Sorabee Balancing Sun Block Cream on your face, neck,arms and legs. After heavy exercise or during prolonged sun exposure, apply the cream every 2 to 4 hours Avoid contact with eyes.