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Sorabee - Beauty from the deep blue sea

September 10, 2017

Sorabee , beauty from the deep blue sea....

 Yours truly was at Da: Men  USJ Shopping Mall recently to check out the new Sorabee Malaysia counter opened there. For those who are used to this amazing Korean brand, you will know that Sorabee's star product would be their Balancing Aqua Cream...


The open concept of the 310 sq ft counter is base on the concept of an aquarium decorated with sea stars. The inviting blue ocean-inspired walls sparkle with exuberance of tiny lights that accentuate the breezy simplicity of the varied offerings that boast beneficial marine ingredients. Most of Sorabee products are water-based giving users like you and me intense moisturisation minus the icky and sticky sensation that has many other beauty labels seem to have at times.


I love the feel of Sorabee's products.. so let me bring you on a little 'tour'....


 Rich in collagen and minerals, the potent combination of Sorabee’s various offerings aids in naturally combating skin problems, repairing damaged skin cells and promoting skin elasticity.


This premier Korean beauty brand which is manufactured by Amaranth Cosmetics first made its presence felt in Malaysia in 2014 and since then, the brand has been growing from strength-to-strength.  


It is after all the first company in the world to successfully extract a high quality collagen from sea star, which is a very important skincare ingredient. 


Sora means “Sea” and Bee is “honey” in Korean that in its essence translates as “honey from the sea”. Sorabee products are amazing and is for both male and female and spreads across all age groups.